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Our Product

We make dining and delivery smooth and fun. Say goodbye to extra fees with our commission-free delivery, keep your menu fresh with easy auto updates, let customers discover meals they love with our AI recommendations, and enjoy quick last mile delivery. Famished is all about connecting great food with happy eaters. Dive in and enjoy the difference!

Commission Free 

Eliminate the high fees typically charged by third-party delivery apps, allowing you to save on costs and customers to enjoy their favorite meals without extra charges. This model fosters direct connections between eateries and diners, enhancing the dining experience

Menu Sync

Menu Sync by Famished automatically connects restaurant POS menus to online ordering in real-time, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This feature eliminates manual updates, saving time and reducing errors, and allows customers to see the latest offerings instantly, improving their ordering experience.

Last Mile Delivery

Optimize the final leg of food delivery to ensure fast, efficient service. By leveraging local delivery networks, it minimizes wait times and keeps meals fresh, directly connecting restaurants with customers for a seamless and satisfying dining experience while removing marketplace delivery companies from the picture.

Online Ordering

Streamline the dining experience by allowing customers to browse menus, make selections, and pay directly from their devices. This convenient, digital solution connects diners with their favorite meals effortlessly, enhancing customer satisfaction and restaurant efficiency

Discover AI

AI search by Famished utilizes artificial intelligence to tailor restaurant and dish recommendations to individual customer preferences, improving discovery and satisfaction. This smart technology learns from user behavior, offering more relevant choices and a customized dining experience every time


Get in front of millions of Famished people on social media through viral memes. We make your food go viral organically through our internal network of 15 million followers and memevertisements, our influence has helped restaurants break the internet and become memeable moments deep in the food culture online.  

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