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City Partnerships

Fueling local economies and enriching communities through smarter, more sustainable dining solutions.

Restaurant Owner Centric 

Famished helps restaurants reclaim control from third-party delivery apps, which often take a large cut of profits. By offering a commission-free delivery model, Famished enables restaurants to keep more of their earnings, providing financial relief to those hit hard by the pandemic and the surge in delivery reliance

Cost Of Food 

Famished offers cities a unique opportunity to support local restaurants while making dining more affordable for residents. By removing third-party delivery commissions, eateries can lower their prices, stimulating local spending without sacrificing quality. This initiative not only boosts the local economy but also enhances the community's dining experience, aligning with city goals of economic vitality and resident satisfaction. A win-win for both the city and its citizens


Data Driven

Famished’s partnership with a city can lead to greater community engagement through food. By promoting local food events, special city-wide promotions, and collaborations between restaurants, Famished can help forge a stronger sense of community. This increased engagement not only enriches the city's cultural fabric but can also lead to more stable and engaged local economies

Famished provides valuable insights into customer preferences and ordering patterns, helping restaurants better understand demand in the new normal. This information can guide menu development, promotional offers, and staffing decisions, optimizing operations and helping restaurants navigate the increased dependency on delivery services with greater confidence

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