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Empowering eateries with direct connections to diners, cutting costs, and serving up success on a plate.

No Fee Delivery

Famished offers a commission-free delivery model that enables restaurants to save 30-40% by avoiding the commission fees usually paid to third-party delivery services. By connecting restaurants directly with customers through last-mile delivery providers, Famished enhances profitability and fosters stronger relationships between eateries and their patrons, streamlining the delivery process for a more efficient and personal experience

Ai Powered Matches

We are your restaurant's new best friend, pairing your dishes with customers craving exactly what you offer. It's like a personal matchmaker for your menu, bringing in more satisfied diners and spreading the word about your delicious food. Simply put, we help you attract the perfect crowd with zero hassle, boosting both your sales and your restaurant's profile. Easy, effective, and all about making connections that count!

Custom Website 

POS Integrations 

Unlock your restaurant's full potential with a website by Famished. Elevate your online presence, streamline your ordering process, and captivate customers with an engaging digital experience. With our expertise, watch your restaurant grow as you connect directly with diners and turn visits into orders. Start your journey to digital success and make your restaurant stand out.

Seamlessly sync your restaurant's menu with Famished, directly integrated with your POS system. Say goodbye to manual updates—our solution keeps your menu items perfectly aligned and automatically refreshed. This smart integration ensures your menu is always up-to-date, making it easier for customers to explore your latest dishes. Embrace efficiency and accuracy in your menu management, and keep your focus where it belongs: on creating delicious experiences for your diners.

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Famished : No Fee Delivery
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