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Pay $0 commissions
for food delivery orders

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Fill out the form to see if your restaurant / food truck / ghost kitchen or virtual brand is eligible to start generating commission free orders. 



Within 3 days we will get you a menu link that connects to your existing POS system. This menu link will need to be connected to your website and order with google. 


Commission Free Delivery

The road to commission free delivery starts here! Use the partnerships we have negotiated with leading delivery platforms to get 100% of your list price. We will help you own your customers and become more profitable. 

Commission Free Delivery



Swipe > Discover > Eat

Restaurant owners take back control, increase profits by 30% while generating commission free direct orders.

stop wasting time looking for food while getting the best delivery options all in one place using AI

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We are Live!

Find your next favorite meal using AI and order directly from local restaurants

Discover La Jolla

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Support local restaurants by ordering directly 

People waste 240 hours every year while looking for food - Often paying excessive fees with no easy way to compare delivery services. 

Famished uses AI to match you with a dish you're likely to enjoy. 

What are people saying? 


Melisa Nichols

 I would spend so long flipping through menus to find my next meal. Now I find delicious foods within a few swipes.

I love that the app gets smarter and recommends dishes I might like. 


Radha Chatterjee

I've been vegetarian all my life! It's been hard for me to find food that's right for me. I love that I can set my food preferences and get so many new options to choose from! It's visually appealing and the swipe feature is just 💯


Adrian Adrineda

I love it! I just became vegetarian and this is the easiest way to find good food. I can't believe it hasn't been thought of before. 


Sabri Krishna

Famished spoiled me, every other way of ordering food is just boring now. Swiping is the only way. I also have certain food allergies so I love being able to out of anything I can't eat. 

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