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Rich or Poor we all gotta eat

There is a huge problem in people’s lives nowadays and 2020 only made it worse.

No, we don’t mean people’s social skills; we mean food.

People spend roughly 240 hours every year (that’s ten full days!) looking through menus trying to decide what to eat. Think about it, is there anything more time-consuming than going out and picking a dish? Or ordering some takeaway without spending hours looking for all the new possibilities to then just order the same average-looking pizza you always get with your friends?

Not only is it time-consuming, but the time you are spending and the apps you are checking make your dish vary in price up to 20% depending on where you are looking.

Despite all these problems, we still like to go out and get food or call in a takeaway; food is, after all, one of life's pleasures. But how can we make the experience of finding new food better? Or how can we even make the decision-making process just a little better for all of us? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

For one thing, we know that when someone recommends something to us, we are much more likely to try it. Or even if they don’t recommend it directly, we’ll be hungry for something if we’ve seen it on our friends InstaStories or TikToks.

We like to know someone has tried it and cared enough about posting or talking about it. Because we have already tried way too many disappointing places in our life; and food is too precious to be wasted like that.

Looking for the perfect dish? Famished will help you find it

Are you tired of swiping trying to find your ideal match? Well, we can not help you with finding a life-long partner, but we sure can help you find something you’ve been looking for for hours: the food you really want.

Famished, Inc. is a startup that will help you match with your perfect food at food festivals and elsewhere. How does it work? Easy. Based on your preferences and profile, the app will show you high-quality highly-tempting videos and images that are sure to make your mouth water and send you on your way for a delicious bite.

Not only this but you get to see what your friends and family are having for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or yes, even brunch). Helping you make quicker decisions.

We have all wasted precious time scrolling through the multiple options online or just walking around food festivals without really finding that ‘a ha!’ plate we want. Well, that’s what Famished, Inc. is here to help you with. They are focused on enhancing the food discovery experience of their users by showing you only the food you’ll definitely love.

Famished is based in Los Angeles and plans to launch publicly in California. It is still at an early stage since they recently graduated from the Google for Startups program and are currently raising capital. They are testing a private beta iOS application and already have a waitlist of 3000 people.

Beta users say that there is no better way to try food than Famished since it allows them to personalize their preferences, be tempted by some amazing video menus, and even let them be part of the conversation by checking out their friends are eating.

Famished is the perfect solution for the time-wasting, hunger-making, stomach-growling problem of deciding what food to eat.

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