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Introducing Famished - Connecting You With Food You Actually Want to Eat!

What is Famished?

Ever wanted to eat a hot bowl of soup on a blistering summer's day? Or a chilly bowl of gazpacho soup on a cool winter's night in Los Angeles? No, neither have we. Then why don't the food delivery apps you order from understand that? Or why don't they know your food preferences in general?

Famished is an AI-based personalized local food discovery platform. The recommendation system considers a multitude of data, including your preferences, past orders, dietary restrictions, friends, and even the weather outside and the time of day to come up with options best suited to you.

Who is Famished For?

  • Quick thinkers with hungry bellies: People who love ordering food but are frustrated by how long searching for the right meal takes. People waste an eye-watering 240 hours a year looking for food!

  • People tired of boring menus: The app sports video-based menus and vibrant photos.

  • Cost-conscious culinary connoisseurs: The same meal can vary by as much as 20% more between food delivery apps. Famished connects users directly to restaurants, so you get the best price.

  • People regularly hit by choice paralysis: Typical food ordering platforms give you 100s of options, and most of the options aren't what you're looking for, but you still get overwhelmed by choice.

Lastly, the app is primarily geared towards people who want personalized food experiences. People are more nutrition-conscious today than ever before. We understand that just because you're ordering in, it doesn't mean you're not thinking about what's in your food. You might have specific nutrition goals. If you're a vegan, you only want to see plant-based meal options.

The Problem We're Trying to Solve With Famished

As a Food Tech startup, we wanted Famished to solve the problems that plague current food platforms. Most platforms today are inefficient. Users spend countless hours choosing their next meal. The recommendation systems are rudimentary, essentially just dumping all local restaurants onto your feed, regardless of whether they are a good fit for you. Prices for the same meal can vary wildly between apps. Interfaces are often clunky and hard on the eyes, making ordering food feel like a chore. And lastly, artificial intelligence and machine learning are drastically underutilized. Famished addresses all of these issues.

Famished shows you food festivals that are happening all around you. From food truck festivals to the biggest vegan events in the city. Get on Famished to experience food festivals without the long lines, boring paper menus and see what your friends have to say about the food you’re about to try.

What Stage Are We in Right Now?

Our app is currently in the beta stage. If you like what you've seen so far, you can join the beta as an early adopter and start experiencing handpicked meals from the best restaurants in Los Angeles. As an early adopter, you get to play an active role in shaping Famished's direction through our voting system. You'll also get a free premium upgrade when we launch.

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Famished : No Fee Delivery
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