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Exploring LA's Vegan Playground

Vegan Playground
Photograph by Nick Gingold

There are few things that all living humans share in common. Beyond breathing oxygen, a shared need for and love of food brings us all together.

The simple and enjoyable experience of eating can be enhanced by sharing it with peers, friends, loved ones and even strangers at festivals specifically designed for vegans, vegetarians and all food-lovers to unite and discover new recipes.

Los Angeles, our home, boasts many such food festivals, and we want to highlight one that stands out.

Vegan Playground:

Every Wednesday night, all the greatest Vegan food vendors in Los Angeles get together to celebrate in a dog-friendly way. These meetups include a whole evening of fun, games and of course, wonderful vegan food.

Hosted by the Boomtown Brewery, this event features a rotating roster of over 20 vegan vendors for your enjoyment. The vendors attending on September 22nd include:

We can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening in LA. Aside from the lovely vegan food, there is an epic DJ spinning all night, vegan apparel, jewelry, and a Famished Photo Booth - where you can take a photo of yourself and get turned into a food meme!

The above example is one of the many, many events Californians are lucky to enjoy. As residents and food-lovers ourselves, we would be thrilled if you’d consider checking out Famished.

Enhance your food festival experience with Famished: Famished is a new and exciting technology offering that pairs you (and your friends and family) with your favourite foods via videos, reviews and more, augmenting your food experience in a fast, convenient and social way.

What do you look for when it comes to food festivals? Let us know in the comments.

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